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When to Beer or Not to Beer? That, is the Question.

Almost a year ago the hive minds behind Bench House Brewing Co. claimed victory with the City of Trees, acquiring the Conditional Use Permit Bench House needed to declare their home at 4795 W Emerald St. The work to get open doesn't just stop at getting permission to brew your beer in the location of you dreams, there is much more to it than that. Here we are over a year later and Bench House Brewing still has a long, way, to go.

So what has the Bench House Brewing team been up to in this last year? Well in Layman's terms, A Lot! Cade and Derek have been working on a small pilot system, in the garage of Christy and Derek. These mad scientists have been creating recipes, fine tuning these concoctions and dialing in their consistency to make sure Bench House is able to give the best, most creative, quality brews for the Bench. Their creations have ranged from an Imperial Stout made with local honey, aged on bourbon soaked oak chips with cocoa nibs, Madagascar vanilla beans kissed with a touch of lactose, a Saison made with Lithuanian Farmhouse yeast, to a Biere de Garde brewed in the traditional French Style.

Christy and Cade have been the team's administrative team; signing documents, emailing all sorts of people, filling out forms and getting all the behind the scenes, not so fun, paperwork turned into the proper places. Christy has starting learning about wine which will bring in a fantastic selection of wines that compliment Bench House beers, and has been researching fun non-alcoholic options. This will give those who don't drink the hoppy suds some interesting libations to keep their pallets happy, and help make Bench House a home to all. Christy has also had some fun documenting Cade and Derek's brewery inventions and sharing them on the social media spaces for all to enjoy, but sadly not to partake.

Now, a year later, after the first major hurdle of achieving the CUP permit (and many others), the crazy minds whom are Bench House Brewing Co. are happy to announce that we will be open sometime this Summer 2020! Bench House will continue to keep updates on progress, and sharing what fun beers we're making. Keep watching for a more finite opening date. Cheers Boise Bench, cheers Boise, cheers Treasure Valley, the greater Idaho, and Country, Bench House Brewing Co will be pouring for you in 2020! Look out world here we come!


The Bench House Team

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